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The luminous animation-film by Anna Brag & Frans Jacobi. Produced in 2010 as part of the 10 year anniversary of the bridge between Copenhagen and Malmö. See it now: 11 minutes, 6 seconds of future! Soundtrack by Lonely Boy Choir.  



Analogue Hacking


Action 2015


A series of banners’ inserted into the yearly Light Festival in Bergen 2015, at the time of COP21. Infiltrating the 30,000 people that showed up for the Light Festival with green commitment.


In collaboration with Soups&Stories.



No fucking thanks to the system


Banner 2014


Presented at The Sixth Housing Estate: Every wall has two sides

Seminar on neighbors & strangers


South London Gallery, London 6.12.2014

curated by Brandon LaBelle



I used to be a taxi driver


Performance 2014

Presented at: SHAME, 6.3.2014 at KNIPSU, Bergen


In the performance Frans Jacobi tells the story of a taxi-ride turning bad, really bad. The story is illustrated by a button. 


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