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We are The Green Hijab Movement


Green Hijab Movement is a movement emerging from the ecological waste of our planet. 

The wastelands of water shortages, bad crops, and era-di-cation of species.

The wastelands of increased concentration of greenhouse gases.


Pollution knows no borders

Pollution knows no borders

Pollution knows no borders


We are The Green Hijab Movement



Green for awareness of climate change

Green for change of direction

Green for sustainable systems


Green for global women

Green for global sisters

Green for global sister solidarity


Green for social care

Green for global care

Green for geopolitical care


Green for a new morning

Green for a new day

Green for a new future


We know what you are all thinking?

Why Hijabs?

Our answer is two other questions:

Who is benefitting on dividing people into groups?

Who is benefitting on setting people up against each other?


The Green Hijab Movement is spiritual.

A critic of capitalism must contain spirituality. 


Spiritual as in awareness of nature

Spiritual as in solidarity

Spiritual as in collective

Awareness of all living beings.




We are The Green Hijab Movement



The Green Hijab Movement is a proposal for a new global climate movement, started by artists Gitte Sætre & Frans Jacobi in the summer of 2017.


We intend to create discussion and awareness on environmental issues and solidarity with the global south.


The Green Hijab Movement started out with a series of workshops, performances, dj-parties and actions in public space.

UCI Road Biking World Championships

September 20th, 2017

Skansedammen, Bergen

Dear all

Green Hijab Movement is seeking participants in our performance/action Green Meditation, that we are doing as a comment to the UCI Road World Championships (biking).

Wednesday, September 20th, from 16-17 in Skansedammen, on the biking-route to Fløyen.


The plan is to place as many people we can gather, wearing Green Hijabs in the water basin, where they will stand still, contemplating the state of the world as the bikers and the world media passes by on their way to the finale on Fløyen. The route of the championships passes directly by Skansedammen and we hope to attract the media attention for a few seconds. We have permissions from both the police and the city administration to do this silent act.


The performance will be silent, without any text or slogans, but as you might have guessed there is an underlying agenda of climate politics. Rather than communicating this in words and text, we aim to create an image of quiet contemplation that can be seen in contrast to and on the background of the world championships with all its implications of sport, media-stress and competition.


Skansedammen is around 20 centimeters deep and participants must be prepared to stand in the water, either wearing high rain boots or getting wet, for something between 30 minutes and an hour. No other skills are necessary, except for patience and a bit of humour.

Sincerely yours

Green Hijab Movement

Nørrekær Biennalen 2017

Landskabet og Skuespillet

LAND, Løgstør, Denmark

4. august 2017


3 inventions by Green Hijab Movement

a meditation on wind, energy and power

a public speech in the parking-lots of 3 different supermarkets

a flag

Hardanger Academy for Peace, Development and Environment

July 28. - 30.2017

Workshop on political mobilization, with special guest Johan Galtung - the founder of International Peace Studies.

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