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The Current Situation

A choir. In the tradition of the antique Greek theatre. The choir would pop up in various situations and comment on whatever is going on. By singing, by shouting, by whispering, by talking. A commentary.

Can these drawings be a choir?


Works on paper by Frans Jacobi, A4 (watercolor, pencil, AI-realism, etc), 2022 -> ongoing

1 - 6

+ 9


The Current Situation is a series of ‘drawings’ begun in October 2022 as an ongoing project. The drawings are made in in-between-moments, like a kind of diary; small spontaneous reflections on the mundane daily happenings, news, subtracts from reading, quotes from other artists, political comments and whatever comes to mind.


They are made in a variety of media; watercolor, drawing, collage, text, photo and AI-generated images. Each drawing is A4 and numbered.


Number one was made on October 6th, 2022 and on June 12th 2023 the number 1639 was reached. It is important to note that the numbers does NOT correspond to the actual number of drawings. Inspired by a work of the artist Jonathan Borofsky, the numbers create an internal progression, inside the universe of the images.

Current 9.jpg


+ 14 - 16 + 19 - 25

The ignorant schoolmaster?

In October 2022 some students at the Art Academy / KMD in Bergen made a large scale text protest against the use of the entrance space of the KMD-building for an exhibition that was part of the Bergen Assembly 2022. With the title The Professor, the exhibition presented 3 series of artworks dealing with the relationship between art-school students and teachers.

I used these drawings to contemplate the protest, reflecting on the quite intricate relationship between various positions of power.

As head of the Art Academy, I had myself been instrumental in organizing The Professor and I felt adressed quite directly by the student protest. Somehow, this small series of drawings helped me gain a more nuanced understanding of the situation.

Current 8.jpg
Current 14.jpg
Current 15.jpg
Current 16.jpg
Current 19.jpg
Current 20.jpg
Current 21.jpg
Current 22.jpg
Current 23.jpg
Current 24.jpg


I did this small series of watercolors on the morning of my opening at Knipsu, November 24th, 2023, because I felt my part of the exhibition needed a reference to the ongoing horrors in Gaza. It is now 5 months ago, 30.3.24 and the horrors are continuing. Todays deathtoll is 32.705 persons killed in Gaza.


- 1672

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