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Aesthetics of Resistance

An investigation into the performative politics of contemporary activism – as seen in 5 events in Scandinavia and beyond

Complete presentation:

Revolution by Night

Performance 24. february 2012

Ungdomshuset Dortheavej, Dortheavej 61, 2400 Copenhagen NV

Performance by Frans Jacobi

With: Henrik Have, Frans Jacobi & Lonely Boy Choir


Text by Søren Thilo Funder and Frans Jacobi

Music: Lonely Boy Choir

Camera: Claus Handberg Christensen

Editing: Frans Jacobi


Produced as part of Aesthetics of Resistance

Silent Stand (second edition)

Performance 15. january 2012

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, 15.01.12

Performance by Frans Jacobi


Three scenes from the short history of the Egyptian insurrection are re-enacted as collective images. The performance evolves around the story of Khaled Said who was brutally murdered by the police in the summer of 2010. To commemorate his death, his friends started the Facebook-group ’We are all Khaled Said’ and organized the emotionally moving series of actions called ‘Silent Stand’. These two imaginative platforms for protest gained a huge following, and led to occupation of Tahrir Square in february 2011. In the performance 5 Danish belly-dancers represent the revolutionary masses on Tahrir Square.


The artist/researcher: Amira Jasmina Shalaby Jensen

Several Eye Witnesses, Someone On Facebook, The Truth Army, Whael Ghonim,

Georgy Katsiaficas, We Are All Khaled Said, Omar Suleiman, Defend The Egyptian

Revolution and Gilles Deleuze: Frans Jacobi

5 belly-dancers: Maizena, Linnea, Zasja, Jannie (Danmarks

Mavedanserskole), Helle Winther (Zahfia).


Soundtrack and music: Lonely Boy Choir.

Camera: Wilhelm Iversen & Martin Kern

Photos: Tijana Miskovic


Produced as part of Aesthetics of Resistance



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