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Are You Ready?

a climate futuristic fable in 7 episodes by Frans Jacobi & Gitte Sætre

starring The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet

"AreYouReady?" is a hybrid TV series by Frans Jacobi and Gitte Sætre that explores the significant changes the world is facing. The series depicts the transformations and changing perspectives of humanity. A dead tree - "The Living Unliving Surveillance Poet" - is the main character who investigates the human world and offers loving advice on how humans can be a part of a greater community of species and beings.

Drawing from the context of the climate crisis, "The Living Unliving" (and the series) discusses the enormous potential for change that has suddenly arisen. In line with the content's boundless seriousness, the target audience is diverse and all-encompassing. The changes affect us all, from high to low, intellectuals, children, youth and the elderly; many different groups and layers of society, both locally and globally.

By using a dead tree as the famous "outsider's perspective," the series discusses the world's most significant topics with humor, surprises, and a philosophical twinkle in the eye. Each episode concludes with "The Living Unliving" reporting back to the forest and summarizing the peculiarities that humans have come up with. The creators of the series, artists Gitte Sætre and Frans Jacobi play themselves - a confused, privileged couple, aiming to do good, but failing again and again.

"Are You Ready?" consists of 7 episodes that were produced and published online every full moon throughout the winter of 2020/21 for a dedicated audience who followed the series online. All 7 episodes and background materials of the series are available at:

The production is supported by: Bergen kommune, Norges Kulturråd, Statens Kunstfond Danmark, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, NBK, Universitetet i Bergen, Future Diversities, Creative Europe, Fond for Lyd og Bilde

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